Friday, 6 September 2013

Pineapple Sago

P.W.M.U. Cookery Book 8th Impression 1950 Arranged by Miss A. M. Campbell, M.A., Issued by the Presbyterian Women’s Missionary Union of Victoria.

Pineapple Sago 
2 large tblsps sago, ½ pint (280ml) fruit juice and water combined, ½ tin pineapple, 1 tblsp sugar, 1 tblsp honey or Golden Syrup (I used honey)
Soak sago in enough water to cover it for half an hour, strain off the water and add the po9neapple juice and water to sago; stir over the fire till it boils, then let it simmer till it is clear. Mince the pineapple, stir in honey or Golden Syrup into the sago, add pineapple and put aside to set. Serve with cream or custard.
This is a great recipe to make if you want to taste what a sago dessert is like. I made a couple of changes – I didn’t mix in any sugar and I served it with natural yoghurt and a trickle of honey.

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