Friday, 22 November 2013

Ananas la via Italiana ?

Davis Dainty Dishes, 1st ed 1922 ; 1927

Sweet Napoli   
2 cups of clear gelatine jelly; ½ tin preserved pineapple; 4 tblsps sugar; 4 tblsps of macaroni; 1 cup custard

Wet a border mould, and coat it with jelly, cut the pineapple in dice and put in. Then pour I the remainder of the jelly coloured with a few drops of cochineal. Boil the macaroni in milk till quite tender, sweeten, drain, and set it aside to cool. When the jelly is firmly set, turn out and fill with the macaroni, pouring over it the custard, and serve.

Plain jelly can be made, using 1 dstsp of gelatine, to each cup of hot water, and sweetened as required.

I think I would have to be very hungry to attempt the next recipe from 'Davis Dainty Dishes'! Luckily it doesn't use pineapple so I don't feel at all tempted! Anne


  1. My Nana used to make a noodle pudding, kind-of like rice pudding, but pasta based (obviously). None of us really liked it that much. but I think it probably tasted nicer than Sweet Napoli looks...

  2. The macaroni is such an odd touch, but we should probably be thankful the recipe didn't call for it to be set in the jelly too. I'm tempted by the idea of macaroni pudding, despite Kylie's warning. I keep seeing mentions of Pineapple Cheese Casserole as a vintage American Thanksgiving 'side' dish: another combination that I have trouble imagining!