Sunday, 15 February 2015

Sydney Harbour Bridge Souvenir Cookery Book 1932 
Mr John Morgan (Pastrycook)

Pineapple Sandwich (Sponge)

Use an ordinary sponge mixing, baked in sandwich tins, and fill with the following mixture: Grate sufficient pineapple to fill a cup, take the same quantity icing sugar and cream. Beat the cream to a strong whip, and work in the pineapple and sugar a little at a time. When all are blended spread between the sandwiches. Ice with boiled icing, and decorate with pieces of pine and angelica cut to resemble leaves. 

I feel quite sure that the author, Mr John Morgan, would not approve of my decorations for Jane's birthday cake !!!! As he said:

“Practice makes perfection, and in nothing is this more true than in cake decorating.”

And this is one of his own prize winning creations (of which he was obviously VERY proud):

“It may be mentioned that the cake that won the championship of Australasia was electrically illuminated, there being 11 six-candle-power electric bulbs concealed in the threadwork upon the cake, and the brilliancy therefrom when all the lights were switched on gave forth a glorious sparkling lustre, surpassing even the glittering golden treasures that were found in the tomb of King Tutankhamen” Mr John Morgan.

And some more of Mr John Morgan's fabulously inventive cakes:


  1. Wow. This is a great find - however I don't think I'll be creating any electric cakes! A friend who knows my love of pineapples sent me a picture recently of an ornament she saw in Chinatown in Sydney which was a pineapple that lit up and rotated with electricity (or battery - not sure). Perhaps one could put it on top of the cake?

  2. That sounds wonderful! I'm on the look out for my very own revolving pineapple lamp now!!