Thursday, 12 March 2015

Zombie Pineapple

The Art of Eating Through the Zombie Apocalypse: a cookbook and culinary survival guide by Lauren Wilson, illustrated by Kristian Bauthus 2014 USA

If you’re looking for a guide to foraging, hunting or aquatic farming in a ravaged landscape this “epicurean’s apocalyptic toolkit” packed with “skills for the hungry survivor” will be just the thing! 

This useful and fun publication with wonderful illustrations may well appeal to the true zombie-believers in your household. If squirrel jerky, roasted crickets or mealworm fried rice doesn't appeal they may find the sections on filtering captured water, building a mud oven or identifying edible plants handy in their time of need.

Living Off the (Waste)land: Twinkie Trifle

“If I found a Twinkie while scavenging the wasteland during the zombie apocalypse, it would probably be ripped from its packaging and shoved in my face faster than you can say “Hostess” Lauren Wilson.

Yields: 1 Hungry Survivor or Regular Joe serving
Requires: 1 bowl
Time:  5 minutes prep

Ingredients: 3 Hostess Twinkies; 2 tblspn canned pineapple juice (optional, if available); 2 packets fruit jam; (or 2 tblspn); ½ single-serve vanilla pudding pack; 2 tblspn marshmallow fluff (optional, if available)

1 Lay the Twinkies at the bottom of a small bowl
2 Drizzle the pineapple juice (if available) over the caked to moisten them, then sprtead a thin layer of fruit jam over the top
3 Cover with half the [pudding pack. Top with marshmallow fluff, if available. Enjoy immediately.

Ky with his housemates Jorge and Daniel relishing their Twinkie Trifles during a rehearsal for the Apocalypse!

The guys then confirmed my ignorance (I had never eaten a Twinkie!) on zombie culture by telling me about ‘Zombieland’ (American film 2009) in which Twinkies have a starring role! Anne.

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  1. It's even better news that tinned pineapple will survive the zombie apocalypse!