Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Pineapple on the train.

Breaking news story from roving reporter, Merilyn, who is actually my husband’s cousin’s daughter.

“There's a lady on my train, 3 rows in front of me, currently eating a tin of pineapple as a mid morning snack. She drained the juice as a drink straight from tin to mouth, and has since been popping slices into her mouth. It's quite a sight.”

Merilyn was too polite to photograph this scene which in my book outdoes helicopter rides AND shark attacks! So you’ll have to imagine the lady, who personally I believe was probably wearing something similar to these pineapplesque shoes, Anne. 

Image Source: Getty / Kirstin Sinclair; Rochas shoes; Paris fashion week Fall 2015

Thanks Merilyn

or these


Thanks Kylie.

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