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Consuming Sweet Pineapple Spring Rolls

Consuming Passions with Ian Parmenter, Series 3, Brand new recipes from the ABC's hit TV program 1994 Sydney

Pineapple Spring Roll
Children love this tasty dessert which uses Australian canned pineapple, rolled with sultanas and almonds into a filo pastry parcel and baked to crisp perfection”.
Serves 6
1 X 200g can pineapple pieces, drained (reserving 2 tblspn juice from can); 1 tblspn caster sugar; 50g sultanas; 1 tblspn custard powder (or cornflour); 1 egg yolk; 2 tblspn ground almond meal or chopped almonds; filo pastry; light tasting oil for brushing pastry (canola, safflower or macadamia); icing sugar for serving
In a mixing bowl, combine custard powder (or cornflour) with reserved juice until a smooth mixture is obtained. Put pineapple, sugar and sultanas into a pan and bring to the boil. Quickly pour custard powder mixture into boiling fruit mixture, stirring vigorously. Remove from heat, stir in egg yolk and almonds, and allow to cool.
On lightly damp tea towel, lay out a sheet of filo pastry. Brush with a smear of oil. Place a dessertspoonful of pineapple mixture in the middle of nearside edge of pastry. Fold in sides. Roll up parcel. Pace on lightly oiled baking tray.
Repeat process with rest of the mixture. When all parcels are on baking tray, brush with a little more oil.
Bake for 15-20 minutes in moderately hot oven (190°C) until golden brown.
To serve, sprinkle with icing sugar.

Thanks for your help Gabi, Jesse and Toby. And thanks also for taste testing the pineapple "fruit drink".

An Outline of Cookery issued by the Emergency Red Cross Service, Melbourne 1940s
Fruit Drink (3 Flavours)
Simmer rind and centre of pineapple in enough water to cover and a little sugar for half an hour. Strain, cool, add juice of one orange and juice of half a lemon strained. Sweeten to taste and serve.

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