Sunday, 27 August 2017

Pino - Tourism Ein

Tropical Scotland spotted by Pineapple Princess Ann R on a trip to Edinburgh
during the year.

I love that family and friends are now on the lookout for pineapples and pinapalia on their travels home and abroad - it gives new depth and purpose to their holidays - besides wining and dining in local trattorias, and visiting spectacular natural and manmade tourist attractions, they can enjoy the subtle differences between ceramic pineapple ornaments and handbags from cultures around the world!

Thanks to Colleen for the treasures she spotted in the United Kingdom and Germany! Anne

The Lost Gardens of Heligan discovered in Cornwell, and restored over the past twenty five years, have a productive garden which includes glasshouse pineapples!

Window shopping in London.

My brother Richard noticed this great accessory in a shop window in Potsdam, Germany

and Colleen noticed this ? ornament ????

For sale in Potsdam

and at the Galeries Lafayette, Berlin

Sanssouci was the summer palace of Frederick the Great, King of Prussia,
in Potsdam near Berlin. 

Chinese Tea Pavilion, Sanssouci

Sanssouci is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site possibly because of the
magnificent pineapples included in the ornamentation !

King's Bedroom, Sanssouci

The main tropical greenhouse at the Berlin Botanical Garden (Botanischer Garten) where pineapples (ananas) are grown

On the homeward journey pineapple products also popped up in Singapore !

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