Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Pineapple rocks!

Stacy Rucker at designbysunzen has given us permission to use her photo of a lovely pineapple quartz and blue pearl necklace she has made. Thanks Stacy.
 “ 'Fruit Quartz' are a group of colourful, translucent materials which are known by names such as ‘cherry quartz’, ‘blueberry quartz’, ‘strawberry quartz’, ‘kiwi quartz’ and ‘pineapple quartz’. They are often made into jewellery or decorative objects.
They are synthetic materials that are essentially a form of glass.
Similar varieties of natural quartz do exist but they are very rare and expensive. Genuine pineapple quartz comes from Antsirabe, Madagascar, and is a form of citrine with an unusual growth pattern of crystals around its sides similar to pineapple fruit.”
Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fruit_quartz

And this photo by Rob Lavinsky was available through Creative Commons on Wiki. Thanks Rob.
Robyn, who creates “handmade jewellery with meaning and spirit”, believes pineapple quartz has healing and metaphysical qualities. If you are interested check out her website at:
Eating rocks in Kenya!
I had to include this somehow – our niece Alice, in Kenya, wrote in her blog last year about some chewable clay that pregnant women in Africa enjoy! Yum, I wonder if you can buy a pineapple flavoured variety? Anne.


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