Sunday, 25 August 2013

Dress like a pineapple !

I love Flickr! A regular search for anything pineapple always unearths some very original and funny individuals out there !

Thanks Deanne (in the USA) for the photos of your special pineappleXing costume/event !!!


"We did a series of short skits in these costumes (we had a devil and Jesus skit, a pineapple having a baby pineapple, just very silly stuff), and the other side of the sign actually says 'Pineapple Curmudgeoning'! One of the pineapples gets a bit miffed about something and does this little disappointed dance as the other held up the 'curmudgeon' side of the sign... very silly and random!" Deanne.
"Fingertoes" gave us permission to post this wonderful photo from the Festival de Cuba, on South Bank, London.

And, Frank Kovalchek took this joyous photo at a Mazatlan Parade in Mexico.

'Big Fat Gypsy Weddings' is a fabulous Channel 4 documentary about Travellers in the UK. This short youtube shows a couple of wonderfully extreme outfits chosen by Irish Traveller women for a  Bachelorette Party, Anne.

And for a more subtle homage. Thanks to Nicole for this lovely touch!


  1. Very cute! I really want to buy this costume for my cat (as I don't know anyone with a baby!): http://r.ebay.com/23jArO

  2. I'm not sure the baby is so keen ! I'd love to see your cat dressed like that!!! Go on, it's not so expensive!!! I have seen photos of some similar ones on ferrets ! I'm not going near enough to my son's ferret to see what she would think about it though! :)