Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Grilled pineapple with bacon and a toothpick

The Joy of Cooking by Irma S. Rombauer 1946 Edition USA  Illustrations by Marion Rombauer Becker

Grilled Pineapple  
4 servings.
Drain: 8 pineapple spears.
Wrap 8 slices of bacon around them.
Fasten the slices with toothpicks. Broil the bacon under a moderate flame.

Brad, Gabi and Jesse helped out with the grilled pineapple (we

used fresh pineapple cut into spears) on board “Blue Moon”.

Donna joined in the spirit of cooking creatively with tropical fruits
and demonstrated something unusual with a banana. She inserted
chocolate coated caramel pieces into a banana split longways,
wrapped it in foil and heated it up on the barbecue until the
caramel melted. YUM! Next time I'll bring more bananas!


  1. That sounds delicious: I loved devils on horseback - never thought to substitute pineapple. BTW, I saw this and immediately thought of you: http://www.visualarts.qld.gov.au/news/media/2014/issue080_release/index.html It sounds like a great exhibition!

    1. Wow that sounds like a must visit exhibition! Thanks for the tip! I'll get in touch with the curator, I'm sure they'll clamour for some of our pinapalia!

    2. I think they should call it pinapalia! Genius word.