Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Glimpses of English Pineapples

Roving reporter, Colleen, did some investigative journalism for the Pineapple Princesses while on a recent trip to the UK.  Here is her account.

“The following are just some of the pineapples spotted around London. They certainly seem almost as obsessed today as they were in the 19th century.
Well, this magazine (mostly of real estate with stratospheric prices and shopping) was in the hallway of Kat's flat building so I borrowed it for a while. I think you have a pair of earrings in your collection a bit like these - what a trend-setter!"

Grapes also appear to be popular.

"Now we have a tie in Spitalfields, an edgy, arty neighbourhood and a top which was for sale in Liberty for a substantial sum (£215.00)!

These are some gorgeous containers from Merchant Archive. They are supposedly copies of Victorian pineapple keepers. This shop also had a dress with an all-over pineapple pattern (not photographed). It was a very up-market chi-chi shop in Notting Hill.”

Sir William Hooker’s house, Greenwich.
Early 19th century Coade stone ornamental pineapples decorating the gate piers at Ham House, Surrey.
“Eleanor Coade (1733 –1821) was a British businesswoman known for manufacturing Neoclassical statues, architectural decorations and garden ornaments made of Lithodipyra (Coade stone) for over 50 years from 1769 until her death. Lithodipyra (stone fired twice) was a high quality, durable moulded weather-resistant, ceramic stoneware.” (Wikipedia)

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  1. I'm hoping that Harvest exhibition in Brisbane will offer a good pineapple shopping experience, as that's a pretty good art gallery shop anyway.