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Something beautiful . . .

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Something not so good to look at . . . but tasty

Party Prescriptions, compiled for your pleasure. All proceeds 1srt Red Hill Scout GroupBuilding Fund, Canberra 1963 
Poultry – Braised Duckling (Contributed by Air Vice-Marshal D. A. Creal, Canberra)
1 young duckling; 1 tblspn soya sauce; 1 tin pineapple slices (or fresh pineapple); 1 cup brandy or dry sherry; 1 tspn cinnamon; 3 dstspn oil or lard
Method: Salt duckling and mix soya, one tablespoon brandy (or sherry) and cinnamon. Rub mixture well into skin of duckling. Place oil (or lard) in pan and heat. When smoking, fry duckling until well browned all over. Add remainder of brandy (or sherry) to water (or pineapple juice) to make two cups, simmer in pan for one hour with lid tightly on. Grill pineapple slices and garnish.

 Something strange. Is it an illusion?
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Something unexpected . . .

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‘I want to be buried in a giant pineapple': Demand for bizarre coffins rockets after UK art show by African artist, article by Leon Watson, 26 December 2011
“Demand for 'crazy coffins' - made in the shape of sharks, pineapples and beer bottles - has rocketed after an African carpenter put on a UK art show.
Paa Joe, a 66-year-old master coffin maker from Ghana in West Africa, has rustled up hundreds of coffins in the last few decades - making them in the shape of whatever the deceased desired.
Among the bizarre coffins he has made in the past include ones made to look like mobile phones, pineapples, sharks, coke bottles, beer bottles, chickens, cars and aeroplanes.”
And somebody who's curious.
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