Monday, 14 December 2015

Illuminated Pineapple

Super Natural Cookery: Recipes for Vegetarian Gourmets, Written by Jim Corlett, Illustrations by Dave Colin New Zealand 1978

Les Doigts d’Ananas aux Doigts

“These are, if you want it in English, fingers of pineapple eaten with the fingers. Simply cut the pineapple from top to bottom 8-12 times to make long sections – as shown below.

Serve with a candle in the top, and congratulate yourself on having avoided the messy cutting off of the rind. Besides, it’s perfectly correct as it is perfectly Hawaiian” Jim Corlett.

Flaming Pineapple  

If you have the patience, you can peel the pineapple, and then cut it into cubes. Sprinkle on a bit of raw dark brown sugar, or spread on one of the more exotic honeys, such as cactus or citrus blossom. Grill for a moment until the pineapple is thoroughly warmed and the sweetener melted in. Remove from heat and garnish with ‘roses’ made from whipped double cream piped on with a pastry tube. If your views on alcohol will allow you to use a bit in cooking, pour a brandy over the cubes, and set on fire at serving time.
We tossed some freshly picked blueberries on top of the cream and the flavours were wonderful!

For all the fun, and pure pineapple, merely soak the leaves in brandy, and fire them. Spectacular in a dark room for a party.

Just to be safe we put our pineapple outside on a rock. Les sliced the top leaves off and dried then in a slow oven before soaking in alcohol. We pegged the leaves back on with a toothpick. It really was spectacular and the pineapple remained totally unharmed and edible! Anne

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  1. Fabulous combining of Christmas and pineapples! I saw this and thought of you ladies: http://blog.bedandbreakfastsofsavannah.com/how-to-decorate-a-pineapple-christmas-tree-from-the-marshall-house/2015/12/09/ Perhaps one for next Christmas?! ;-)