Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Pineapple plants that arn't really pineapple plants!

Pineberry (Fragaria X Ananassa Pineberry) "Pineberry Strawberry is a hybrid-cross variety with fragrant, white flesh fruit, with flavour notes of strawberry and pineapple . . . need a good quality red strawberry to act as a pollinator in order to fruit" from the notes on the pot.

This Eucomis, Pineapple Lily, is growing in our garden. Originally the bulbs came to Australia from East Africa. They have a lovely perfume and last a long time as a cut flower in a vase. This ABC website has more info, Anne.

Salvia elegans - Pineapple sage is an herbaceous perennial with scarlet red flowers, growing 1.2 to 1.5 meters. . . This sage is native to Mexico and Guatemala and is found growing naturally in the temperate, pine oak forests at 1800-2700 meters above sea level. It is a great butterfly and bird attractant, with studies indicating it is one of the local hummingbirds’ three most commonly visited plants.

Pineapple sage has a different flavour to common garden sage and it is not considered to be a culinary substitute for normal sage. It is best used fresh to preserve the flavour . . . The leaves and flowers are both edible and may be used as part of salads or as garnishes. They are a nice addition to fruit salads as the crushed leaves will impart a pineapple aroma. They can also be used in cold soups, to garnish cool drinks and iced or herbal teas. An interesting idea is to mix chopped leaves with cream cheese for a tasty spread."

Thanks for these photos of pineapple sage from your beautiful garden in Katoomba Sue P!


And thanks for this fabulous pot, Sue H!

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  1. Pineapple sage smells beautiful in the garden - and is very pretty. I wish mine looked as healthy as that one.