Thursday, 8 June 2017

Pinapalia: the sublime to the ridiculous!

You can choose which is which . . .

Thanks for the lovely fragrance sticks Ky!

Di and Charles touring the Big Pineapple in 1983

Thanks for this magnificent lampshade Jane!

Collectible condiment set (thanks for the photo Ivan)

Very large ornament

White board



Doormats (thanks for the photo Gabi, and the doormat Jane)

Backpack (thanks for the link Kylie)


Hamish and Andy making mischief . . .

Sometimes I come across some indescribable gems of the pineapple world that I need to share. Both of these clocks (and many more) are available on
"Onion pineapple chutney on rustic wood wall clock"

"Funky geek cool pineapple punk wall clock"

Learn French with a talking pineapple!

Oh you've gotta love pineapples! Anne

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