Sunday, 4 June 2017

Pineapple Green-Cheek Conure

Gerry on Gumtree gave us the okay to share his photos of these pretty birds.

Steve Garvin of The Feather Tree in  California says on his website

"I'm the original breeder and developer of the Pineapple Green Cheek Conure.

I first created the Pineapple mutation in the late '90s and now have multiple generations of Pineapple to Pineapple breedings.

It's a sexed linked mutation and it took several years to get males. It is still 100% a Green Cheek conure species, not a hybrid.

With each generation, they get more intense in color. I have 28 generations of Green Cheek conures that I have selected and held back for color intensity as well as stable attitudes.

This year I have many Pineapples that are very dark in color and the red has intensified and fused into the head color and back.

These birds do not seem to fade in the sun like the Cinnamon mutation when kept outside and have stayed a rich intense color.

Why a Green-Cheek Conure? 8 reasons to own one!

1. They are not loud compared to other parrots and conures. They are in the Pyrrhura genus and make about one half the noise of a Sun or Jenday Conure which makes them ideal for condos or apartments.

2. They are small birds with big bird personalities! They play just like a large parrot or macaw - they will use their feet to hold things, roll on their back to play or sleep. They love to wrestle with and then be scratched by their favorite human.

3. They are easy to feed and not as destructive as a large parrot.

4. They are easy to house with their ideal size they can use most cockatiel cages and they do not need the heavy bars of a more expensive cage.

5. Green-Cheeks have oil glands they use to preen their feathers and do not create the dust found
on cockatiels, cockatoos, and African Grey Parrots.

6. Besides their personality and ideal size, Green-Cheeks can be found in many beautiful colors.

7. People with pets, especially seniors, have lower blood pressure, are happier, and live longer lives.

8. Tame Green-Cheeked Conures are very interactive with people. They are bold and very personable but with individual personalities."

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