Monday, 6 November 2017

Australia's first pineapple recipe

Australia’s First Cook Book, The English and Australian Cookery Book, by An Australian Aristologist, Edward Abbott 1864 London (facsimile)

Aristology – the art of cooking and dining

Pineapple Rum: sliced pineapples, put into rum, and hence the name. The rum should be of a brown transparent colour, smooth, oily taste, strong body and consistence, and good age. Jamaica is the very best spirit of this kind.

I love the confidence with which the following nutritional information is given!

And Companion Volume: 1864-2014 Sesquicentenary Edition by some Australian Aristologists, The Culinary Historians of Tasmania 2014 Hobart

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  1. My neighbour had a copy of the original, not in great condition, but obviously very collectible. Absolutely amazing to hold something like this special. But I still don't fancy cooking a wombat...