Saturday, 9 December 2017

Pineapples for life

Food for Life: a collection of recipes from chefs, celebrities and donors funding support for developing communities, 2005 Newcastle NSW

Macaroni Salad recipe contributed by Morris Family, Newcastle

250g cooked spiral macaroni; 1 small onion, chopped; ¾ cup cubed cheese; 1 medium grated carrot; ½ cup chopped celery; 1 tin crushed pineapple, drained; ½ cup sultanas (optional); ½ cup cashew, or unsalted peanuts; 1 apple, chopped; ½ cup mayonnaise; 1 tsp curry powder

Mix all ingredients and toss.

Really delicious! Anne

Stained Glass (Dessert) recipe contributed by Marie Smith, Possum Brush

This was great fun to make but it was quite tricky so I've included my tips in italics, Anne
1 x 85g packet raspberry flavoured jelly crystals; 1 x 85g packet ime flavoured jelly crystals; 1 x 85g orange flavoured jelly crystals; 3 cups boiling water; ¾ cup pineapple juice; 3 tspn gelatine (instead of pineapple juice and gelatine I used a packet of pineapple jelly crystals); 1 x 300ml carton thickened cream, whipped (I used about 1 cup whipped thickened cream)

Make up each packet of (raspberry, orange and lime) jelly crystals with the water separately (1 cup of boiling water only, so that the jelly will be firm to cut) and pour into bar tins to set. (So that the jelly will be about 1cm thick) When set turn out and chop into small cubes. Arrange cubes in square dish (8 cup capacity).

(I used a shallow 20cm round tin, I recommend either making a couple of small ones, to ensure the final jelly doesn't fall apart on turning out, or if only making one using the left over jelly for a trifle)  

Heat pineapple juice, sprinkle gelatine over and stir until dissolved, cool until partially set. (If you are using pineapple jelly crystals instead, use 1 cup of boiling water to dissolve crystals and then let cool to room temperature before adding whipped cream)

Add cream to pineapple mixture a little at a time, whisking to combine. Spread cream mixture on top of jelly cubes to fill any gaps. (The dessert would be stronger if the "stained glass" jelly shapes were covered in the pineapple mix but I wanted to see if the colour would be more vibrant if it just filled the spaces, luckily everything held together on upturning!)

Maybe decorate with hundreds and thousands.

Tip: To remove the coloured jellies from their bar tins, and the final dessert from the dish/tin I briefly sat the tins in a shallow dish of hot water to loosen the jelly, Anne.

Have fun making different coloured mosaics with the jelly pieces!! Anne