Thursday, 28 December 2017

Summer pineapple punch

Christmas Cooking with the Weekly, Sydney 2013 Australian Womens Weekly

Tea and Rum Punch
Place 1 black teabag in a heatproof jug; cover with 1 cup boiling water, stand for 5 minutes. Squeeze teabag over water, discard teabag.
Combine tea with 1 cup each of white (or dark) rum, chilled pineapple juice and chilled lime juice cordial in a large glass jug; cover, refrigerate until required.
Just before serving, halve and thinly slice a medium orange and lime. Add fruit to tea mixture; stir in 1.5 (6 cups) chilled ginger beer and ½ cup loosely packed small fresh mint leaves.
To serve, place ice cubes in glasses, top with punch.
Serves 8
For an alcohol-free punch, omit the rum.

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