Friday, 12 January 2018

Pineapple spread

Sunbeam 8 speed Power Blender: Recipe and Instruction Book, Sydney c1970s

Preserves: Pineapple spread

1 cup pineapple pulp; sugar to taste (about ½ cup); 3 egg yolks; 4 ozs (4 tblsp) melted butter (I multiplied the ingredients by 3 and that made 3 jars)

CHOP … pineapple roughly

PLACE … into container, about one cup at a time

BLEND … on PUREE to a fine pulp. Check cup level on container

ADD … sugar and egg yolks and mix thoroughly (The recipe didn’t say when to add the melted butter so I added it with the sugar and egg yolks)

STIR … over a low heat until thick

POUR … into jars and seal

STORE … in a cool place

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