Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Pineapple stuffed with pork and wrapped with bacon!

Lizzie D and Jess R both let me know about this amazing creation – a pineapple stuffed with marinated or spiced pork and wrapped in bacon known in some places as “swineapple”!

Les helped me cook it! Anne
Marinate some pork in the fridge for about an hour

Peel and hollow out a fresh pineapple

Stuff the pineapple with the marinated pork

Wrap the stuffed pineapple with strips of bacon – hold them on with toothpicks and/or string

Bake in the oven or a Weber for about 1 hour, then wrap in foil and bake another 1 ½ hours

Styled by Brad

For more instructions check this out:

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  1. Oh, wow, that looks so delicious. I imagine that the pork was very moist cooked this way.