Monday, 30 July 2012

But, is it art?

My sister-in-law, Colleen, sent this recipe which she describes as a “most truly disgusting pineapple recipe”:
This is from musician Richard Rodney Bennett's contribution to ‘Food of Love’ a compilation of menus from musicians edited by Adrian Ball and published in 1971.
Bennett wrote 'I have for a long time been keeping a look-out not, as is customary, for the most delicious, but for the most unappetising recipes I can find. Here are three of the nastiest; they are absolutely genuine.'

Colleen has sent us Bennett’s Lighthouse Salad which features . . . tinned pineapple.
Take a whole tinned pineapple and stick a peeled banana through the centre. Slice about an inch off the bottom of a green pepper and remove the seeds. Stand the pepper on top of the pineapple, cover the whole with mayonnaise, and top with a glace cherry.

Colleen goes on to say “I have to admit that of the whole book which we have owned for some thirty seven years, it is the one recipe that I have never forgotten having read! I think the mayonnaise is the killer ingredient.”

Les was responsible for this engineering feat. Don’t worry no food was wasted in its construction. All the ingredients were eaten, just not in this combination! Anne.

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