Monday, 17 February 2014

Pineapple in Sue's Scrapbook

Our friends Sue and Noel have a fabulous owner-built pole home in the Hunter Valley decorated with treasures from the not so distant past. Their collections of kitchen utensils are particularly curious. This recipe scrapbook is from Sue's assortment of found objects.

Newspaper clipping: First prize of £5 to Miss Richardson,
14 Harwill Street, Camp Hill, Brisbane.

Pineapple Dreams 
One tin crushed pineapple; 1 tblsp gelatine (softened in 2 tblsp cold water), 2-3 cup sweet sherry, 300ml whipped cream or thoroughly chilled evaporated milk, 24 marshmallows (approximately 350g), glace cherries, angelica
Cut marshmallows into small pieces, place in basin, pour sherry over; cover and allow to stand overnight. On the following day dissolve softened gelatine, stir into pineapple. Fold in marshmallow mixture and, lastly, whipped cream. Fill into sweet dishes; chill until set. Decorate with cherries and pieces of angelica.

I'm pretty sure Noel brought these essences home from the "exchange" - purely for decorative not culinary purposes! Anne.

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