Friday, 5 December 2014

Pineapple Picnics

Good Housekeeping’s Sandwiches and Picnic Meals, 1955 London

Buffet parties: Checkerboard sandwiches
Remove all the crusts from a brown sandwich loaf and a white one. Cut both loaves in 2cm slices and spread each slice with a soft tasty filling. Now rearrange the loaves by laying one slice of white on one slice of brown and continue putting the pieces alternately together until the loaf is square.
Make a second “loaf” with the other pieces. Put the loaves in a cold place to harden, then cut out in 2cm slices. Spread one side with filling and stick the pieces together so that a brown piece is next to a white piece. Put in a cold p[lace to become firm then cut into slices. These sandwiches, of course, need no further filling.

Fillings for Sandwiches: Shrimp, celery, shredded pineapple and mayonnaise.

Welsh Rarebit and Pineapple Layer Sandwich
3 slices of bread; 100g grated cheese; made mustard; 30g melted butter; 1 tblspn milk; seasoning; 2 slices of pineapple; tomato ketchup
Toast the bread and keep hot. Put the cheese, mustard, melted butter, milk and seasoning into a basin and mix well, spread the mixture over the toast, and grill 2 of the slices till golden brown. Place the 2 slices of pineapple on the remaining slice and grill. Arrange the slices on top of each other, finishing with the pineapple slices on top. Decorate with a little tomato ketchup in the centre of each pineapple slice.
Fried Sandwiches
Fried bread sandwiches make a delightful change, and are just as easy to prepare.
Sandwich frankfurters between fried bread, top with sliced pineapple, and garnish with a gherkin fan.

Individual Jelly Sponges
Make 900ml of jelly and allow it to cool but not set. Arrange 2 Savoy fingers down each side of 6 waxed picnic cartons, cover them with jelly and put them in a cool place. When set, arrange pieces of pineapple on them, and cover with more jelly. Allow to set very firmly before packing.

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  1. That checkerboard is so pretty, but I am hopeless at following instructions for anything even vaguely requiring both geometry and assembly. But so cute.