Monday, 22 December 2014

Wishing you all pineapples for Christmas!

In a truly inspired moment Ella created this fabulous pineapple with chocolates, a champagne bottle and green tissue paper! Thank you Ella!!! Love it, but some of the chocolates have already disappeared . . .
The Australian Women’s Weekly Picture Cookery: A pictorial guide to home cooking, Sydney c1950

Christmas Trifle

6 sponge cakes; raspberry jam; 1 glass of sherry; 6 rounds of pineapple; 300ml custard; cream; angelica; almonds

Spread the sponge cakes with jam and cut them into cubes. Put these into 6 individual glasses and pour a little sherry over each. Shred the pineapple rings and out them on the cake. Cover with a layer of custard, then top with whipped cream, some pieces of angelica and a few shredded almonds.

100 Delicious Biscuits and Slices, The Australian Women’s Weekly 1972

White Christmas

225g solid white vegetable shortening; 3 cups rice bubbles; 1 cup coconut; ¾ cup icing sugar; 1 cup full-cream milk powder; 25g mixed peel; 25g preserved ginger; 25 glacé apricots; 25g glacé pineapple; ¼ cup sultanas; 25g glacé cherries

Melt chopped white vegetable shortening over gentle heat. Combine rice bubbles, coconut, sifted icing sugar, powdered milk and chopped fruits; mix well. Add melted shortening and mix thoroughly.

Press mixture into lightly greased and paper-lined 18cm X 28cm lamington tin. Refrigerate until firm, cut into bars for serving.


Party Prescriptions, compiled for your pleasure. All proceeds 1st Red Hill Scout Group Building Fund, Canberra 1963 
Non-alcoholic Drinks and Punches: Fruit Punch
1 ½ cups water; 1 ½ cups sugar; 600ml cold strained tea; 2 litres chilled water; juice of 6 lemons; juice of 6 oranges; 600ml grated pineapple
To serve: Boil sugar and water for 10 minutes. Cool and add other ingredients. Allow to stand for one hour. Add the cold water. Dip the rims of glasses in a little orange or lemon juice, then in crystal sugar to give frosted appearance. Serve punch in glasses with chipped ice and cherry on top.

Betty Crocker’s Cook Book for Boys and Girls, 1957


  1. Oh, yum - all delicious treats. And I have always wanted to try making that Ferrero Rocher pineapple since I saw similar on Pinterest - what a wonderful creation. Merry Christmas ladies - may 2015 bring you many delights!

  2. I love Ella's pineapple!
    Are the chocs stuck on with a glue gun?
    (I'd like to make one for a friend)