Thursday, 25 February 2016

Pineapple photographer extraordinaire

pineapples-io is a recent discovery I made on Tumblr where a Canadian photographer generously makes photos of pineapples, in a variety of locations, available (for free)

He says “Every single time that I go and photograph a pineapple, I can't help but think that people wonder about this obsession or fetish with a pineapple. If someone were to ask me, I still don't really know what the interaction would look like in completion.
Regardless if you're shooting pineapples or lego toys, just have fun and do it!”
“A symbol for hospitality makes sense. From taste to imagery and emojis: I get good vibes and feel a general sense of positivity from pineapples. It's why I began to have a desire to shoot photos of pineapples in the first place.”
“Over the years, I've been literally searching for my way to bring positivity to people and bring awareness to mental illness — mainly depression. The general positivity I've received from my pineapple photos is very encouraging and I have begun to see a strong opportunity for using this idea to do social good.”
These are his 3 most downloaded photographs for 2015!

As stated on the pineapples-io blog “STAY GOLDEN!”

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