Friday, 19 February 2016

Pineapple Syrup

The Produce Companion: From balconies to backyards, the complete guide to growing, pickling and preserving, Meredith Kirton and Mandy Sinclair 2015 Australia


Syrups and Drinks: Pineapple, Lime and Mint Syrup  
Makes 750ml (3 cups)
1 kg pineapple, peeled, cored and chopped; 230g (1 cup) caster (superfine) sugar; 250ml (1 cup) water; juice of 2 limes; 5g (1/4 cup) mint leaves, torn
  1. Put the pineapple in a blender and blend until smooth, then strain into a saucepan. (Alternately, put the pineapple through a juicer)
  2. Add the remaining ingredients and place over low heat, stirring until the sugar dissolves. Increase the heat to medium and cook, stirring occasionally, for 10-20 minutes until syrupy.
  3. Pour the hot syrup into warm sterilised jars or bottle and seal immediately. Store in a cool, dark place for up to 3 months. Refrigerate after opening.
COOK’S NOTE: Syrups are thicker than cordials - they’re delicious on top of ice-cream or yoghurt, blended into smoothies, or swirled through cake or muffin batters. 

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  1. Wonderful photo of the consistency of the syrup. This both looks and sounds delicious.