Monday, 8 August 2016

Pineapples, Bali and an Indonesian fruit salad

Discovered a few pineapples on a recent trip to Bali. . .
Yayuk, Ema and Ayu showed Les and I a beautiful miniature,
ornamental pineapple at the Bali Orchid Gardens.
And a little river stone found a new home . . .

We highly recommend a visit to the Bali Orchid Gardens, just north of Sanur.
They have a beautifully laid out collection of gems, and friendly informative staff!

Pineapples growing wild by the side of the road.

Our friend and trusty tour guide, Ocha, sipping pineapple juice at the
Green Village of amazing bamboo houses.

Lezat Juice - pineapple, vanilla ice cream, lime, fresh mint leaves and
a lemongrass swizzle stick! Mmmmm.

Pineapple and yoghurt smoothie, mmmmm mm.

Breakfast. Actually I just wanted an excuse to photograph
Les's cousin John's fabulous lounge suite!

Oh, I wish I'd bought more of these. Soooo good!

PT Bamboo Factory


Oriental Cookery, Master Chef Jean Conil, Principal of the Academy of Gastronomy, edited by Daphne MacCarthy 1978

Rujak Tegal: Indonesian fruit salad

240g thinly sliced pears; 240g thinly sliced apples; 300ml water; 300ml pineapple juice; 480g grated carrots; 15g chopped fresh ginger; 120g honey; 60g peanut butter; 3 tblspn white vinegar; pinch chilli (optional)

Soak all fruits in water and pineapple juice, for 20 minutes. Blend in remaining ingredients and cook gently for 10 minutes. Cool and serve as a compote with ice cream.

An unusual combination of flavours - delicious! Anne

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