Thursday, 12 January 2017

Gabi presents ... cassata with pineapple juice

The Australian Women’s Weekly presents . . . The Teenagers’ Cook Book from our Leila Howard Test Kitchen 1969
Party sweets: Neapolitan Cassata
The Ingredients: 2 litres vanilla ice-cream; 50g melted chocolate; 100g chocolate pieces; 100g slivered almonds; 100g chopped cherries; red food colouring; layer of sponge cake; ¼ cup fruit juice (orange, pineapple juice, etc.); 2 tspns strawberry essence; 1 tspn cinnamon
Step 1: Trim cake to fit top of 23cm X 12.5cm loaf pan. Place cake on wire rack with absorbent paper or a tray underneath. Combine cinnamon and fruit juice, spoon over cake. Allow to stand to absorb the juice while preparing ice-cream mixtures.
Step 2: Divide ice-cream in 3 bowls. Quickly stir chocolate and chocolate pieces into 1 bowl; stir red colouring, strawberry essence, and slivered almonds ino another bowl; cherries into remaining bowl. This gives the 3 flavours – chocolate, strawberry, vanilla.
Sep 3: Line 23cm X 12.5cm loaf pan with aluminium foil. Spread chocolate mixture over base, chill until firm. Then spread with strawberry mixture, chill until firm. Top with vanilla mixture; press cake firmly onto ice-cream. Freeze several hours, until firm; unmould.
Finished cassata is cut into slices to serve. It is bright, colourful, and a delightful party dessert. Or you can make it for the family at the weekend.
We'll let the pictures tell the story:


 Thanks Gabi, it was delicious!!

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