Sunday, 8 January 2017

Pineapples on holiday

Thanks Krystal and Rose and Ky for the wonderful pineapple beach towel and floating drink holder and Lip Gloss Trio, woah all pineapple themed!!! Lucky me!!!

No prizes for guessing which leg belongs to who!!!
Thanks Jessica and James for these terrific slippers (and notebook) that travelled in your backpacks all the way from Portland USA to Australia via Central America. Love them!

Love this photo sent from Roma by my cousin Jenny and her daughter Jessica who is doing an Italian language course.
I'm sure the pineapple reminded them of summery days back home as they shiver in the European winter!!! Thanks for the picture - I can't help wondering if this particular pineapple was grown in Queensland!
 And thanks for pointing me in the right direction (towards the pineapples) in Domayne Jorge!

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