Thursday, 1 March 2018

Pineapple Chocolate Jelly

The Nancy Spain All Colour Cookery Book: easy to make, practical dishes that taste good and look good,1972 originally published in London 1963

Those pears look a tad radioactive to me!! Anne

Pineapple Chocolate Ring

1 pineapple jelly; ½ pint (300ml) hot water; 3 tblsp sugar; ½ (300ml) pint milk; 1 tblsp cocoa; 1 small can pineapple pieces; whipped cream; glace cherries, angelica

Make jelly with ½ pint (300ml) hot water. Blend cocoa and sugar with a little of the milk, and add to the bended mixture. Return to saucepan and boil for 1 minute. When both mixtures are cool, whisk together. Pour into mould and stand in cold place to set. Turn on to serving-dish, fill centre with fresh whipped cream and decorate with pineapple, cherry and angelica.

Nancy’s Pineapple Chocolate Ring

My Pineapple Chocolate Ring

Nancy preparing for a dinner party

and Nancy with a giant leek on top of her head

“Since the age of five, when a dish cloth (honestly) used to be attached to my skirt, it has been almost impossible to keep me out of the kitchen. This was the age at which I discovered that I had Mrs Beeton dangling in my family tree, hanging over my head like a small … crinoline-shaped cloud.
At that age, too, I began to pore over my Great Aunt Isabella’s colour plates (beautiful, beautiful lobsters, I’ll never forget them) and spell out her recipes. I dare say I learned to read from Household Management” Nancy.

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  1. What, no selfie with a giant leek?! (I'm not sure about chocolate and pineapple but am prepared to be persuaded.)