Saturday, 10 November 2012

“Pineapple adds vitamin goodness to meat meals.”

Tropic Isle Lamb Sunny Island Roast is obviously a fancy name for meatloaf!!! Anne.

Tropic Isle Lamb. Correction! Sunny Island Roast is its real name!
440g can Golden Circle Pineapple Pieces, 900 gms finely minced beef steak, 450 gms minced fresh pork, 1 tspn gravy flour, 1 tspn salt, ¼ tspn pepper, 1 tspn mixed mustard, capsicums, cooked seasoned rice, white onions.
Blend steak and pork together. Add browned gravy flour, salt, pepper, and mixed mustard. Pack into foil-lined 18 cm pan, sprinkle with melted butter and bake in moderate oven (180°C) about 1 hour. Arrange for serving on warmed platter with capsicum halves (filled with cooked seasoned rice) and drained pineapple pieces. Top the roast with creamed white onions.


  1. Great blog girls! I just love the names of some of these recipes - like Tropical Isle Lamb, which has no lamb in it! Eggs flamenco! It's a pity about Jellied Pineapple and Ricecream - looks great.