Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Marshmallows and what ?

Marshmallows and celery !
Tropical Mallow

Golden Circle Pineapple and Orange Drink with Pineapple Pieces set in lime jelly, add chopped celery and a white marshmallow.

Marshmallows and sherry ! Why didn’t I think of that !
Pineapple Delight

440g can Golden Circle Crushed Pineapple, ½ cup sweet sherry, ¼ pint whipped cream, 24 white marshmallows, 1 tblspn gelatine, ½ cup boiling water.

Cut marshmallows into quarters, soak in sherry overnight. Place crushed pineapple and syrup in saucepan, bring to boiling point and stir in the gelatine soaked in the ½ cup boiling water. Stir to blend. Cool. Fold in soaked marshmallows and whipped cream. Turn into 18cm soufflé dish or glass serving dish. Chill until firm.

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