Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Nago Pineapple Park in Okinawa, Japan.

A theme park based on everyone’s favourite fruit!
What an amazing holiday destination – it has it all, but, mostly pineapples!
You can visit their website at: 

The Restaurant Palm Tree section boasts an extraordinary Pineapple Parfait. Here’s a diagram which incorporates a remarkable array of ingredients in all its 37cm glory !! Dieters beware! They must employ a very adventurous home economist at this pineapple park!

My adventurous daughter, Ella, decided she too could create such a mistresspiece! 

We couldn't find pineapple shaped biscuits so substituted with teddy bears.
Almost there!

She was determined to reach the 37cm mark!

At this theme park you can drive around in cute little pineapple shaped carts to check out the plantations or stand next to a funny pineapple shaped personality!

Thanks to Kevin "Elvis" King aka Divemasterking2000 for allowing us to include this photograph,

and also Gary aka DadOf4SC  

It is also home to the First Pineapple Winery in Japan. You can taste “Lagrima Del Sol” (Spanish for “Tears of the Sun”) made from 100% fresh pineapple juice. You can even bottle your own with an original label!

They state “Our low alcohol kids wine is very popular with the ladies” ! !!!

I think the highlight for me would be the souvenir shop!

But I’ve just spent so long on the website, I feel like I’ve already been there, Anne.

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  1. Amazing - I want to go! And that sundae is amazing (but cornflakes?!).