Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Ladies who lunch on pineapple!

Ladies Who Lunch:  Easy, elegant recipes for brunch, lunch or dinner by Ann Reed and Marilyn Pfaltz 1972  USA

Pineapple Ham Loaf & Fluffy Mustard Sauce
¼ cup light brown sugar, packed; 1-1 ¼ cups pineapple chunks, drained; cloves; 2 eggs, beaten; 1 can (300ml) cream of mushroom soup; ¼ cup ketchup; ¼ cup water; 450g ground cooked ham; 450g ground veal; 1 cup dry breadcrumbs; ½ tsp salt; pepper to taste; 1 onion, minced; 3 tblsp minced green pepper
Preheat oven to 180°C.
Grease a 23cm x 12cm loaf pan & sprinkle pan with the brown sugar. Stick pineapple chunks with clove & place, clove side down, to cover the bottom of the pan. Combine eggs, soup, ketchup & water. Thoroughly mix remaining ingredients. Pack on top of pineapple in pan. Bake for about 1 hr. remove from oven & invert on serving platter. May be served hot or cold with Fluffy Mustard Sauce.
Serves 8 - 10.

Fluffy Mustard Sauce
1 tblsp sugar; 3 tblsp prepared mustard; 2 tblsp vinegar; 1 tblsp water; 33/4 tsp salt; 2 egg yolks, slightly beaten; 1 tblsp butter, melted; 2-3 tsp horseradish; ½ cup heavy cream, whipped
Add sugar, prepared mustard, vinegar, water & salt to the beaten egg yolks. Cook over hot water, not boiling, & stir until thickened. Stir in butter & horseradish. Remove from heat & cool thoroughly. Fold in whipped cream. Serve at room temperature. Yield: 1 ¼ cups.

As those were seriously dull photos here's an inventive keyring given to me by Larna, to lighten things up! Anne.


  1. Wow, it's like a savoury pineapple upside down cake! And how was it?

  2. Yes you're right about it's "look" Vicki !!! Falvour, hmm, meatloaf with cloves and pineapple . . .

  3. I made it for tea tonight and I was really impressed - even my father ate it (notoriously picky eater). The sauce, in particular was amazing, I thought - really bitey flavour. I'm a fan! I used a few less cloves as it's not a flavour I wanted too much of. ;-) BTW, in the supermarket (Coles) tonight, there was a sign on the pineapple section that due to weather problems there were problems sourcing Australian pineapple products. I hope this doesn't continue!

  4. No! What a disaster!
    I'm glad your Dad enjoyed the meatloaf. I agree about cloves, never my favourite flavour. I recently made the Hawaiian recipe you had on Unusual Coleslaw and will "post" that soon, has he tried it?

  5. Is that the rissoles one? I'm tempted to try that as he'll eat disguised mince. But not chicken...