Thursday, 27 November 2014

Pineapple Manga

Pineapple Army: Operation One Goshi: The Preceptor, Viz Comics
Written by Kazuya Kudo, Illustrated by Naoki Urasawa, Cover illustration by Darren Ching

I wasn’t sure what to expect when Les found this for me in a Sydney Comic Shop. Pineapple Army is a Japanese Manga series which started in 1986.
The storyline of this particular edition follows four young sisters whose father, a NYC Police Detective, has been killed leaving them feeling vulnerable and unprotected from his assassin “the infamous Colonel Garland”.
The girls engage a mysterious war hero, Jed Goshi , to instruct them in armed self-defence.
Amidst lots of action things get momentarily unstuck when the youngest sister, Polly, accidently throws her toy rabbit at the bad guys instead of returning a pineapple grenade that landed near her.
After quite a bit of “Taka Taka Takka” and “Braka Braka Braka” and a gigantic “RRBBBBOOOOM” Jed and the girls are victorious!
Jed even repairs Polly’s toy rabbit before disappearing over Brooklyn Bridge.

Well, I’ve read one now, I don’t ever need to read another! Anne

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  1. I'd never considered how grenades and pineapples share a resemblance. I think I'll opt for explosive taste!