Thursday, 6 November 2014

South African party pineapples!

Adventures with cheese and butter 1974 Pretoria, South Africa

“Be choosey! Today you can choose from a greater variety of South African cheese than ever before. Something for every taste … a selection for every occasion …smooth, subtly-flavoured cheese … creamy, aromatically-spiced cheese … crisp, sharply flavoured cheese!

Don’t just stick to the old favourites. Experimenting with the different varieties is an exciting adventure, and there are more than 34 different varieties of South African cheese to choose from.

Be known as a connoisseur of cheese.”

Note the pineapple at the "cheese-and-wine stork party"!

Bit of action happening in the background of this candle lit "cheese-and-wine party"!

And there's “a cheese-and-apple-juice party for teenagers” too!

Shelford Pineapple Party-Time, Shelford Pineapple Farms, 1971 South Africa
Shelford Pineapple Cocktail Snacks:                              
Celery sticks with pineapple           
Celery; 3 oz cream-cheese; 2 tblspn onto each stick of celery and sprinkle it with paprika; finely chopped Shelford pineapple; 1 tblspn finely chopped gherkins; 1 tblspn salad cream or mayonnaise; salt & paprika to taste
Scrub the celery and cut it into 2” sticks. Mix the cream-cheese, pineapple, gherkins and mayonnaise. Season the mixture to taste. Pile more cream-cheese mixture onto each stick of celery and sprinkle it with paprika.
Shelford pineapple with salami
Pineapple; French dressing; sliced salami; a few gherkins
Cut the pineapple into pieces of about 1” in length and ½” thick. Dip each piece of pineapple in a little French dressing & wrap it in a piece of thinly sliced salami. Secure each salami roll with a toothpick & a small piece of gherkin.
Nutty pineapple bites
2 tblspn mayonnaise; pinch of curry powder; cubes of Shelford pineapple; finely chopped walnuts
Cover the pineapple cubes with this & roll them in finely chopped walnuts. Put a cocktail stick through each & serve them, with other cocktail snacks, stuck into half a grapefruit, or any other centrepiece.
Savoury stuffed dates
1 tblspn cream-cheese; 1 tblspn chopped Shelford pineapple; 1 tspn chopped gherkins; stoned dates; paprika
Mix the cream-cheese, pineapple and gherkin. Stuff the dates with the mixture & sprinkle with paprika.

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  1. Adventures with Cheese and Butter is the most wonderful book title - and so much cheese!