Friday, 21 November 2014

Pineapples by Design

My friend, Jenny Trevethan, created this beautiful pin(eapple) cushion. She is one of the Artisans in the Dungog by Design Collective. I recommend you check them out on Facebook or at the Dungog Markets!

Jenny says “Most people would describe me as that grey haired old lady from Glen Martin but really I am just an enthusiastic hand stitcher who loves the garden and the wonderful wildlife it brings so close to us here in our lovely countryside.”
Jenny also lent me this fabulous book – “Betty Crocker’s Cook Book for Boys and Girls first came out 1957, I was nine then. I can remember loving the bright colour photos and trying out some of the recipes. The Easter Hat Cake has a classic look. I made the Raggedy Ann Salad a lot - my middle name is Ann.”
Thanks very much Jenny!

Candle Salad
“It’s better than a real candle, because you can eat it.”
Place crisp lettuce leaf on plate.
For candle base use 1 slice pineapple.
The candle is ½ banana set upright in center of pineapple slice.
The flame is 1 maraschino cherry, fastened on top of banana with a toothpick. 

And here are some more pages out of this treasure from Jenny's childhood because I just love it! Anne.

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