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Easy Hospitality, Home Entertaining on a Budget Basis 1951 Marni Wood, The Coca-Cola Company USA

Menus are suggested for occasions such as a “Bicycle Picnic for Two”, “Picnic when Mother has had a Hard Day”, “After a Morning of Strenuous Play”, “Sunday Buffet to Show Off Something New”,  “ ‘The Gang’ in after a Square Dance”, ”The Sewing Circle Listens to the Opera”, “When You’ve Worked Too Late on a New Dress”, “A Bang-up Barbecue at a Pool”, “When the Junior-Senior Prom Committee Meets”, “The Scouts Plan an Overnight Hike”.

Some of these occasions conjure up some bizarre images! All menus suggest iced cold Coca Cola, sometimes even “lots and lots of Coca Cola”.

Beach Parties: Menu for First Day of Vacation

Fried cheese sandwiches; lettuce, tomato and bacon sandwiches; grilled sardines on buttered hot dog rolls; potato chips; salted peanuts; celery stuffed with pineapple cream cheese; peaches or plums; ginger cookies; lots and lots of Coca Cola – ice cold and ready to drink from the bottle

Special Parties: “Sometimes it is fun to ask a few friends in for a sort of elegant, dressy looking dinner or cocktail party. Elegance has a place in all our lives no matter how simply we live. . . Here are some suggestions for special occasions.”

Menu for Big Brother is Home for the Holidays

Chicken Hawaiian; spoon bread; barbecued fresh ham; zucchini or crooked neck squash salad; pineapple slices topped with orange sherbet; chocolate chip ginger caked; ice cold Coca-Cola

Chicken Hawaiian
¼ cup chopped onion; ¼ cup butter or margarine; 6 cups soft breadcrumbs; 1 tspn salt; 1 ½ tspn poultry seasoning; few grains pepper; ½ cup drained crushed pineapple; ½ cup shredded coconut; 2 broilers – not split
Brown onion in butter or margarine; mix with crumbs, salt, poultry seasoning and pepper. Add pineapple and coconut. Place filling broilers; truss. Spread with butter or margarine. Place broilers in roasting pan. Roast in moderate oven 170°C 40-45 minutes per 450g. Baste chickens occasionally with drippings in pan. Yield 8 servings.

Menu for Your Favourite Pals in for the T.V. Show
Coca-Cola all evening, served ice cold right in the bottle; chilli con carne; corn bread; pumpernickel; pear and pineapple salad; creamed mayonnaise; cheese cake

Family Fun Room: Menu for The Husbands have gone to Rotary
Ham roll-ups; sardine fingers; special fruit salad; peanut cookies; chocolate fingers; molasses jumbles; bottles of ice cold Coca-Cola, in quantity

Special Fruit Salad
1 No 2 ½ can peach halves; 1 No 2 can pineapple chunks; 1 No 2 can grapefruit and orange sections; 1 large eating apple; lemon juice; lettuce; tarragon vinegar; French dressing; 1 can whipped cream; thin lemon slices

Drain syrup from peach halves, pineapple chunks, grapefruit and orange sections.; chill fruit. Peel apple, core; cut in thin slices; sprinkle with lemon juice. Line salad bowl with lettuce, arrange fruit in bowl, sprinkle with tarragon vinegar. Add enough French dressing to moisten. Garnish with salted whipped cream and lemon slices. Yields 10 servings.

Do you think they have enough Coca Cola at these parties? 
Perhaps the book should begin with a health warning! Anne.

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  1. This is gorgeous, despite (or perhaps because of) the cola propaganda. I'm surprised there's no chicken-in-coke, like the Nigella Lawson recipe.