Sunday, 24 May 2015

A Kelvinator recipe for better pineapple

Kelvinator Recipes for Better Living Australia (These recipes came in a booklet with the fridge bought by Ann’s family in 1956)

Pineapple Mint Sherbet 

1 cup water; 1 cup pineapple juice; 1 tbls chopped fresh mint; 1 tblsp lemon juice; 1/2 cup sugar; 1 cup pineapple, crushed; 2 egg whites

Combine the water, pineapple juice, chopped mint and sugar and boil 3 minutes. Chill, add the crushed fruit, and lemon juice, tint pale green. Freeze 1 hour. Turn into a bowl, add the beaten egg whites and whip until very light. Return to the trays of the refrigerator and feeeze. Serve in chunky pieces as a refreshing summer sherbet.

It's always a bit risky suggesting I tint anything . . . "pale" is not in my dictionary, Anne.

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  1. I have that book too, inherited in similar circumstances through my grandmother - I do not think that I could achieve that aura of elegance even with a brand new fridge, but I do envy the lovely hostess trolley.