Sunday, 17 June 2018

Spotting pineapples on Oahu, day 4

Not so many memorable pineapple experiences today, so here's a photo of a complete stranger chillin' in Honolulu, no doubt dreaming of the frozen pineapple rumbo they'll be sipping this evening . . .

Pineapples, Passion Fruit and Poi: Recipes from Hawaii by Mary Lou Gebhard & William H. Butler, Illustrations by Hide Doki, 1967

Frozen Pineapple Rumbo
2 tblsp pineapple juice; 1 tblspn dessert sugar; 1 egg white; 2 tblsp lime juice; 80ml rum; 2 cups shaved ice
Mix in blender until consistency of snow. Serve in chilled 200ml glass.

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  1. I've been following your travels keenly - Hawaii sounds like it offers everything for the Pineapple Princess to enjoy. You must have had a splendid time (and how many suitcases of pineapple souvenirs...?)