Saturday, 27 October 2012

From our correspondents in Kenya.

Our neice Alice and her husband Clinton are working on agricutlural projects in Kenya for 12 months, here is their personal insight into the splendors of local pineapple cuisine.

Pineapple has mostly been in traditional fruit platters. It is super sweet and delicious here.  In other forms, it has really only been in a salad of mostly grated carrot (which we have at least once a week at the work kiosk with lunch!) and once it was in an apple crumble.  Which was delicious to be honest, with lots of coconut and raisins etc.  A tropical version of the colonial classic. They love roast chicken here, so any roast chicken and pineapple dishes, while we haven't had them yet, would be quite appropriate! I will keep an eye out!
Last weekend we went to a Brazilian BBQ restaurant with some friends. All the food was amazing, and we ate ourselves into a bit of a meat coma for the next few days.  But the best course of all was a BBQ'd pineapple coated in cinnamon. They cooked them and served them on long metal skewers/spears and sliced off pieces directly onto your plate. It was DIVINE! I don’t know how they kept it so juicy... here are some photos to get your mouth watering, Alice and Clinton.

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