Thursday, 25 October 2012

Mmmmmm, Spam.

A terrifically useful tip from Ruby Borrowdale in the ‘Golden Circle Tropical Recipe Book’:
“Improve the flavour of boiled tongue by adding a teaspoon each of whole cloves and whole peppers, two bay leaves and a diced onion to the cooking water. Serve slices with Golden Circle Pineapple.”
Thanks for that Ruby, Anne.
Family Salad.
2 X 440g cans Golden Circle Sliced Pineapple, 440g can Golden Circle Beetroot, luncheon beef or camp pie, lettuce, carrot, hardboiled eggs, tomato, cheese, onion, cooked green peas, potato salad, celery.
Arrange sliced luncheon beef or camp pie in the centre of a lettuce lined platter. Pile grated carrot each end and rim with sliced eggs. Arrange sliced tomato along sides, garnish with cheese shapes, onion rings and peas. Drain pineapple, mounting slices in pairs round four sides of mound of potato salad. Make “nest” in top with celery curls and fill with chopped beetroot.

What could be a better location to enjoy a can of Spam than the Hawkesbury River!

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