Saturday, 13 October 2012

Rice cream a taste sensation for some …

Since I’ve started following Kylie’s Blog ‘Lucy Violet Vintage’ I’ve undergone a strange transformation in my op shop-ping habits and have started walking out with some objects that I would have previously thought tacky but now consider very beautiful! I’ll be using them in future Pineapple Princesses photo shoots!

This tea towel belongs to a friend, June, who I suspect has more treasures in her cupboards! I chose it as a background for a portrait of a can of rice cream to answer Kylie (the tea towel connoisseur)’s query. There are many brands of canned ricecream but my husband Les says the cheapest (99c can) is the most delicious. It contains rice, milk, sugar and vanilla, and I create homemade variety for breakfast occasionally with left over rice. Ruby was quite keen on it herself it seems, Anne.

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  1. I am such a dummy Anne - I thought it was some sort of ricey icecream!!!You meant of course what in my family we call creamed rice. I love the stuff, have never had it from a can though. My Mum makes hers from Sunshine milk. It was a staple growing up. I could eat it by the bowl full if I let myself.
    That is one gorgeous t.towel btw. Looking forward to seeing what you find in the oppies.