Thursday, 22 November 2012

Salud . . . pineapple drinks 2

“Salud y amor y tiempo para disfrutarlo” means “health and love and time to enjoy it” in South American-Spanish.

Ruby includes quite a selection of refreshing “fruity fun starters” in her “Pineapple party time” section. Her “Pot O’ Gold” really was delicious and can be simply prepared with Golden Circle Pure Pineapple Juice with grated orange rind and a tsp honey. Ruby suggests dipping the edge of your glass in egg white and then jelly crystals. I couldn't face the jelly crystals so I tried caster sugar - yum, Anne.

Flickr is a great source of images of all imaginable subjects. These generous photographers have allowed us to include their pictures of pineapple drinks around the world.
kalihikahuna74 at a cafe in Hawaii   



fried toast  

clickcraftsman in Phuket

and bluebeckie who took this photo at the Nago Pineapple Park in Okinawa, Japan (more about that wonderful place later)!                                             



  1. I really want a pineapple bar now! Do we know if Ruby was particularly anti-alcohol, or was it a Golden Circle policy?

  2. Yes you would think she'd feature some Queensland rum occasionally!! Anne

  3. Hi Anne - did you see this in the news today? "Coconut-flavoured pineapple created in Qld"