Thursday, 20 December 2012

A pop up pineapple

My daughter, Ella, photographed this great drawing of a pineapple in an exhibition space at the Lonsdale Street Traders which she described as a pop up shop complex in Braddon, Canberra. There was no artist’s signature to identify them unfortunately, Anne. 

PS I have since found out this was one of two pencil drawings by Robbie Karmel and was part of an exhibition of multimedia artworks. A zine, "Zineapples", of the show was also produced  by Oscar Capezio and Naomi Xeros.

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  1. It almost looks alive. Pineapples popping up everywhere! Will there be any on your Christmas table Anne? Are you serving any of Ruby's Christmas recipes? It is going to be 40 degrees here - we are sticking to seafood which will not be garnished with pineapple rings. There might be some fresh pineapple though, if I can find a nice one. I hope you and your family, and the other Ann and hers, have a lovely Christmas. It's been fun reading your blog this year x