Sunday, 4 January 2015

United tastes of pineapple

United Tastes of America: Over 120 delicious recipes from around the USA, Dorinda Hafner 1997

I was really pleased when I spotted a recipe containing pineapple in this book as I was so keen to include the cover photo illustrating the author's joyful attitude to food and diversity, Anne.

Fruit Punch
“This makes a refreshing drink in hot weather, so it is always a hit with summer guests. You can use any fruit of your choice according to the season, what’s available and how much. It is best prepared a few hours in advance” Dorinda Hafner.
Serves 15
8 ripe pieces of either unpeeled apricots or peeled peaches, or 1 kg strawberries or ripe pineapple, diced; 125g caster sugar; 250ml dry sherry; 4 bottles of reisling; crushed ice
Put your chosen fruits into a huge container, sprinkle with the sugar and drizzle the sherry over the top. Cover and leave to stand for 4-6 hours.
Stir in the wine, add crushed ice and serve immediately.

A delicious cooler on a hot summer afternoon under the persimmon trees. We made a downsized version using some lovely white wine from Leeton NSW (thanks Elizabeth!) Anne

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