Friday, 3 August 2012

Doing cartwheels.

I thought I’d give Les a rest from pineapple, well for a few days. So I took my copy of the Golden Circle Tropical Recipe Book over to my mother, Moira’s place to assemble some cartwheel salads for lunch. I made a few changes to the suggested ingredients, simply combining the cream cheese with finely chopped celery and carrot. They mixed well with the pineapple, and ham sandwiches.

Pineapple Cartwheel Salad.
440g can Golden Circle Sliced Pineapple, 250g dessert prunes, 250g cream cheese.                                        
Flavour variation (1) – dash paprika and garlic powder, 1 tblsp grated onion, pinch salt, ¼ cup green and red peppers, diced.                                                                                              
Flavour variation (2) – 1 tblsp chopped onion, pinch salt, pinch sugar, few drops tabasco, 1 dstsp horseradish sauce.
Cut each pineapple slice in halves and stand on edge. Combine either of the two flavour variations with the cream cheese and pack between the pineapple halves. Serve with prunes and brown bread sandwiches. Serves 4.

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