Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Chinese Veal and Ice Cream Islands, both with pineapple.

On a visit to my mother-in-law, Joan, in Sydney this week I cooked Chinese Veal and Pineapple Slices, and Ice Cream Islands. Her local butcher didn’t have veal chops or steaks and suggested osso bucco instead. I substituted peas with spinach. I’m not sure why the “Chinese” appears in the title – must be the Soya Sauce.

Inspired by Jenia‘s comment on the ABC online blog about this blog http://open.abc.net.au/openregions/nsw-hunter-70MU6Ji/posts/blogging-the-triumphs-of-retro-cooking-28lr7zl  I looked for a dessert recipe that was especially colourful. Joan’s three flavoured ice cream certainly helped in that regard. This could be a wonderful ice cream syrup for children as it could be made with fruit juice, and the colours, well, go for it! Anne.

Chinese Veal and Pineapple Slices
440g can Golden Circle Pineapple Slices, 6 veal chops or pieces of veal steak, 4 level tblsps seasoned flour, 4 tblsps butter, 2 tblsp lemon juice, 2 tblsp Worcestershire Sauce or Soya Sauce, salt, pepper, 3 dstsp brown sugar, 3 tsps butter.
Cover chops or steak with seasoned flour and fry lightly in butter. Drain and place in casserole dish. Add remainder of seasoned flour to the pan and brown lightly. Stir in lemon juice, sauce and pineapple syrup made up to one cup with water, season with salt and pepper. Pour gravy over veal in the casserole. Place [pineapple slices on top, sprinkle with brown sugar and dot with butter. Cover and cook in a moderate oven until tender, approximately 40-45 minutes. Serve with rice and green peas.

Ice Cream Islands
440g can Golden Circle Pineapple Pieces, tsp butter, 1 level tblsp arrowroot, ¼ cup cold water, pink food colouring 4-6 servings Vanilla Ice Cream.
Drain pineapple syrup into saucepan. Add butter and bring to boil. Thicken with arrowroot blended in water until smooth. Remove from stove and tint bright pink. Cool and chill. For each serving, place a spoonful of pineapple pieces in dish, top with ice cream and pour the chilled sauce over. Garnish with cherries or strawberries.

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