Wednesday, 12 September 2012

An old favourite.

Party-time Crumbed Cutlets.

I hadn’t associated crumbed cutlets with parties before, but why not? They were my favourite as a child, I can even remember ordering them in cafes. My daughter, Ella, recently commented on my like for them and said “What is it with you and crumbed cutlets?” I’m not sure actually. But finding this recipe in Ruby Borrowdale’s “Golden Circle Tropical Recipe Book” seemed like a good reason to cook them once again! I wasn’t as exciting as Ruby when it came to the potatoes or presentation but those cutlets were yum! Anne.
440g can Golden Circle Sliced Pineapple, 6 to 8 crumbed veal or lamb cutlets, 6 to 8 baked jacket potatoes, butter, grated cheese, parsley.
Drain syrup from pineapple and cut slices in halves. Cook the required number of cutlets until done to taste. Cover cutlet ends with paper frills. Scoop out centres of potatoes, mash with butter and grated cheese, then replace adding garnish of parsley. Arrange cutlets on serving platter, frills to the outside, and surround with the potatoes and the halved [pineapple slices which have been lightly browned in butter.

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